Relax Salve (60 ml)

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  • Štiti i obnavlja ispucane usne
  • Smiruje nadraženu kožu
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Balzam Relax je višenamjenski njegujući balzam koji se upotrebljava za njegu kože lica i tijela te za njegu usana.

Relax Balm is a multi-purpose nourishing balm that is used for facial and body skin care and lip care. A relaxing and gentle combination of two exceptional herbs, lavender and chamomile. Beneficial chamomile combined with soothing lavender provides your skin with the care it needs. There are several types of chamomile, and all have a similar beneficial effect on the skin. Today, the two most famous types of chamomile (Roman chamomile and German chamomile) and they are most commonly used for skin care.

Chamomile in the form of balms effectively helps to regenerate the skin and soothes skin conditions such as itching and allergies. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin, which provides special moisture and care. The beneficial effects of chamomile and the many benefits it provides to sensitive skin make it extremely valuable in skin care. It helps to regenerate the skin, hydrates the skin, soothes irritated skin, softens dry skin and, among other things, protects and repairs chapped lips. It’s hard to talk about chamomile and omit her well-known friend lavender.

The combination of these two soothing herbs forms a beneficial balm that helps regenerate the skin and provides it with the necessary care. Remember that your skin often needs a good rest too! Apart from its pleasant scent and relaxing effect, lavender essential oil is known for its exceptional effect on the skin. An effective combination of chamomile and lavender soothes and helps regenerate the skin.

(1 customer review)

1 review for Relax Salve (60 ml)

  1. Malin W. (verified owner)

    I massage my neck and shoulders with this during my workday, it has a very calming effect.

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