Ginger Fitness Tea (40 g)


  • Stimulates the work of metabolism
  • It wakes up
  • Aromatic taste

A recipe for harmony of mind and body! The taste of ginger will wake up your body and move it. Dry carrot and olive leaves will stimulate your metabolism and help cleanse the body of harmful substances.

Ginger fitness is a powerful tea blend that will wake everyone up and encourage activity.

Ginger works against bacteria and viruses, has a beneficial effect on digestive problems, relieves nausea, and has a calming effect on the respiratory system.

Olive leaves contain a natural abundance of protective polyphenols, mostly oleuropein, which improves immune function and offers strong antioxidant protection.

Mint soothes and has a stimulating effect on the organs of the digestive tract and the nervous system.


Net quantity: 40 g

Ingredients: dried carrot leaves, mint leaves, ginger (15%), apple, lemon grass, green pepper leaves, olive leaves, aroma, natural aroma

Preparation: pour a teaspoon of tea with 2 dcl of hot water (100⁰C), leave covered for 5-10 minutes and strain. Sweeten as desired.

Country of origin: Germany

Placing on the market: Biofarm d.o.o., Ventilatorska 14, 10250 Zagreb, Croatia,, info tel: 0800 288 288