Anti-aging Immortelle Serum (30ml)

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Anti-aging serum is used of normal, dry and sensitive skin care. Immortelle Essential Oily which is the main ingredient of Anti Age Serum Immortelle:

  • prevents wrinkle formation
  • reduces the effects of skin aging
  • protects skin from premature aging
  • maintains a youthful appearance of skin
  • improves the structure of the skin
  • keeps the connective tissue of the skin in good condition

Rub a few drops in circular motions on your face and/or body.

Immortelle is a Mediterranean plant that grows on sunny rocks, up to 60 cm high. It has narrow leaves and yellow flowers. The most useful parts of the plant are leaves and flowers. Immortelle loves a lot of sunshine. Only after three years, flowers can be used and essential oil can be produced. The percentage of essential oil in that small yellow flower is less than 0.05%, so for one liter of essential oil, we need more than one tone of the fresh flower.

Immortelle Essential oil is one of the most valued essential oils in the world. Its name is helichrysum inĀ  Latin which translated means “golden sun”. It is also known as a “never-to-be plant”, so it often carries epithets of “immortal” or “immortelle”, meaning “immortal” or “eternal”.

Immortelle Oil is traditionally used in Mediterranean countries such as Croatia, Italy, and France. The oldest ways of extracting active substances from the flowers are maceration: submerging fresh plants in various vegetable oils and distillation.

Macerat, a semi-finished product obtained by this process, is very intense and is used for the production of the face and body creams. Today, flowers are mostly distilled and the essential oil is used to reduce the effects of premature aging and maintenance of youthful skin appearance. Immortelle Essential oil prevents wrinkle formation, helps to slow skin aging and maintains a fresh skin look.

(1 customer review)

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