No Probllama Tea (40 g)


  • It relaxes
  • It has a beneficial effect on digestion
  • Helps remove signs of stress

A tea blend with a fresh taste of mint and fennel and lavender flowers will perfectly relax you after a hard day and create your personal oasis of peace.

Mint soothes and has a stimulating effect on the organs of the digestive tract and the nervous system.

Fennel helps relieve abdominal cramps and against bloating and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.

Lavender contains compounds that can stimulate activity in certain parts of the brain and affect the transmission of impulses between brain cells in ways that boost mood and have a calming effect.


Net quantity: 40 g

Ingredients: a mixture of herbs (peppermint leaves, blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, fennel, thyme, wild thyme, sage leaves, lavender flowers, marjoram)

Preparation: pour a teaspoon of tea with 2 dcl of hot water (100⁰C), leave covered for 5-10 minutes and strain. Sweeten as desired.

Country of origin: Germany

Placing on the market: Biofarm d.o.o., Ventilatorska 14, 10250 Zagreb, Croatia,, info tel: 0800 288 288