About us



Biofarm  d.o.o. is located in Zagreb, Croatia. It was established in 1992., it’s primary focus is on production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Biofarm invests most of its resources in research and development of the new products in order to offer high quality products to clients at the acceptable prices. Biofarm’s production program is based on combination of scientific research program with traditional approach of using medicinal herbs. That way Biofarm promotes positive way of healthy living in harmony with nature.

Biofarm produces over 250 different products under the various brands – Adria spa, Adria gold, Adria natura, Vitawell, Mediplast, Biosept, Biobalm. At the moment our distribution is primarily focused on countries such as -Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (where we have our daughter company Plus Biofarm), Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro.